Delia Delions and Bianca Hills at Ts Playground

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This is hairy hunk, Delia Delions’s third hardcore movie with this adult pay site. His other flicks so far have been ‘Tranny Man’s Whore part 3’ with Morgan Bailey and ‘Stepbrothers Part 1’ which also stars Colton Grey. Both these movies were made in September 2015. Delia is six foot tall with brown hair, and sea blue eyes. He is versatile with an eight and a half inch thick cut shemale cock which is going to stretch anybody’s cock sucking lips.
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Bianca slams her cock into Bianca’s beautiful tight crack time and time again in that position then they go doggy style and back to the missionary position without taking a breath. Bianca Hills screws her eyes up tight as she feels his cock throb in his hand and the camera zooms in and we see his thick creamy cum ooze out on to her smooth stomach. Delia Delions sits up and as his body stiffens his cum shoots so far up Bianca’s body it even lands in his hair, his face, and all down his ravished body.
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